As of October 5, Windows 11 is officially here. Good or bad, it is here. You may be asking yourself should you upgrade from Windows 10? Will my PC be able to run it? Let's check out some of the requirements to upgrade your machine to Windows 11.

Looking on Microsoft's official website we can see what our computer needs to upgrade and run Windows 11. First is the processor, and we need at least a 1 gigahertz(ghz) processor. Well that neat, most modern processor has at least that much computing power and was the requirement for Windows 10. Next, we have ram. A good sign as all it needs is 4 gigabyte(gb) of ram to function. Microsoft wants you to have at least 64gbs of storage. Ok, that's pretty low, but more than the 20gbs required for Windows 10. You will have to use a newer motherboard with UEFI and TPM 2.0. Also, your machine will need to have HD graphics and be able to use Directx 12 or higher.

Does your PC meet the requirements? If it doesn't, that's ok. You are not required to upgrade yet. Windows 10 will have support until October 10, 2025. I hope this article was helpful.

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