Networking. Big and small. We do business and home networks.

Ready for a new network? There are lots of things we can do for your network from expanding your wifi coverage, to labeling, and adding new ports (aka drops). If you want install newer components and what the experts to help you, we can do it!

What about wifi - Do you have complete house coverage, with no dead, or slow spots? We have solutions for indoor, outdoor, and extreme coverage. We can even do installs with no extra wiring through walls. There are many  options available with todays technology, for expanding your wifi!

We can install managed network equipment, even use a cellular internet connection as a backup., with a proactive approach like this, you can have peace of mind for your network not ever being disconnected.
Confused about the world of network cables? Whether it's Fiber, Cat5, Cat6, Coax, DSL or Wireless or even others. We're here to help you sort out what you need.

Our team of experts can guide you through the complexities of connectivity and help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Did you know that internet security starts right at your internet connection? Unfortunately, many manufacturers don't set up all the security options, leaving your systems more vulnerable than you might think.

Even more shocking, some never tell you to change the original password! It's like leaving your front door open with a welcome sign for intruders.

Remember, the first step to secure your online activity is to ensure your connection is secure. Always change the default password of your router, and regularly update it. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Computer technician checking network cables

Do you know where each network goes? We can trace and label and organize so your network is easier to manage and maintain. Even if you have your own IT staff, we can take part of there workload off and organize cabling or locate problems. At our company, we specialize in tailoring computer networks to meet your specific needs. Whether it's for your business operations, educational institution, or gaming hubs, we got you covered. We offer a comprehensive suite of services including network design, storage solutions, and wifi setup.
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