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Cabala Consolidated is focused on treating people right and are technology wizards waiting to help service computers for both homes and businesses.

One online consumer had this to say about Cabala Consolidated: “I really love how quickly my monitor got repaired. I wasn't sure if they were able to fix my curved predator monitor, yet they came through for me. Friendly service, great beard, and willing to work around both of our crazy schedules. I'm definitely recommending them to my friends and family if they need anything repaired or updated. 110% great service.”

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Meet The Team

This is not just any normal IT Consulting company, we are passionate about helping our customers. We have been in the computer repair in Bartlesville for multiple years and we have been working to provide the best service in the business. We work with business and residential clients.

Cabala Consolidated offers technology solutions Wizards with computers, tech

By Deanna Evans

Local businessman and Marine veteran James Brown teamed up with other veterans and technology specialists to form Cabala Consolidated LLC last year. The business opened on Jan. 1, 2019.

“I saw Bartlesville had a need for computer repair,” said Brown.
In addition to the experience he gained during his two enlistments in the Marines, Brown earned his degree in information technology last year from the University of Phoenix and San Diego State University. With nearly 20 years of experience, Brown has multiple IT certificates and his local work history includes previous employment with DSR.

“I had experience with fixing my own computers and previously owned Semper Fix It in Ponca City,” Brown said.
In addition to Brown, Cabala Consolidated is owned by Aaron Forth, James Manios and Connor Crichton.
While they all have varied backgrounds, Brown said they have one thing in common, they all love technology.

“We want our customers to get to know who is behind what we do here at Cabala Consolidated,” said Brown. “This is not just any normal IT Consulting company. We are passionate about helping our customers.”

How did they come up with the name Cabala Consolidated? Brown said it started with the meaning of the word, cabal. According to Wikipedia, a cabal is “a group of people united in some close design, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, state, or other community, often by intrigue and usually unbeknownst to those outside their group.”
Brown also discussed Cabala as a religious Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible during the Middle Ages.
“Technology is our specialty, sort of like we are wizards with computers being our magic,” said Brown. “We have focused our lives studying and gaining knowledge in technology, and some people tell us we work miracles or magic with computers, so we ran with it.”

Cabala Consolidated provides technology solutions for home and business.

“Computers are our passion and … we strive for customer satisfaction, and being able to provide affordable technology solutions,” said Brown.
They are a monthly service provider and have many satisfied customers.

“We are the offsite IT, so people are able to outsource, so they don’t have to staff 24/7,” said Brown. “We offer 24/7 computer maintenance and troubleshooting for our contract clients.”