Have you ever received a phone call asking for personal and/or financial information claiming to be from Microsoft? Its pretty likely in this day and time that you have, because so many of these are happening across the world!

The reason they keep happening and finding new ways to check on "your cars extended warranty" or your "computer being hacked" or various other ways for them to try to collect personal information and scam people, is simple. People keep falling for it. It can be hard to believe, but people fall for these scams on the daily.

There are many ways these come through, some via email, some via phone (both text and call), a social media message, sometimes just clicking a link can give someone access to your computer, some people click on a link in a message, and can send to everyone in your contacts also by email or even direct message.

Man using phone to build computer

How to protect yourself:

If an error pops up on your computer, and it has a phone number to call, DONT CALL!

Using Two Factor Authentication, two steps seems like a pain sometimes, but a minor inconvenience is better then paying a scammer.

From Microsoft: They will never call you, UNLESS YOU INITIATE by a contact method to Microsoft first. They will also never ask you for payment via gift card or cryptocurrency.

This is just a short write up on this, so if you have any questions on sites, messages, links or even a popup we can help! We also offer security, malware protection and more as one of our many services.