Custom Computer Design

One of our most popular items!

We can design a computer for your needs- for business, for schooling and for gaming.
Do you need a computer? What about one that does multiple monitors, or a laptop for portability we have options in new and used. We are Bartlesville's home for gaming computers!

We design the computer to fit what you are working on or wanting to play, so we will ask many questions so we get you the right fit. One thing we offer is computer build / upgrade financing and we have multiple options to help you get the computer of your dreams. We can do custom colors, stickers, lights, custom colored lights. There are many options and we will make it what best fits your needs!

cabala Consolidated custom computer setup

Pictured below is a few of our custom built gaming computers, we even can build the computers around themes, for a more personalized experience. We offer extended warranties on parts on custom builds and even warranty our used computers!