For us, we want our computer repair customers to get to know who is behind what we do here at Cabala Consolidated.

This is not just any normal IT Consulting company, we are passionate about helping our customers. We have been in the computer repair in Bartlesville for multiple years and we have been working to provide the best service in the business.

Aaron, Connor, and James M. and James B. all have a variety of backgrounds but they all have a common interest, they love technology.

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Aaron F.

Aaron F.

Aaron has sought to find a new mission after his almost 16 years of military service. After a long search, he discovered Cabala Consolidated is that mission.

Helping our company find the next technology or strategic step to providing services to our clients maximizes Aaron’s talents.

Aaron enjoys the computer services work and looks forward to helping our company grow and develop new strategies as is progresses.

Aaron has been writing alot of our technical blogs, and designing networks for businesses. Aaron also enjoys building gaming pcs with attention to detail, clean cabling and extreme performance.

Cheyenne B.

Cheyenne B.

Meet Cheyenne! 

Cheyenne is a talented graphic designer and photographer who pours her heart into every project. Her dedication and hard work shine through in her stunning creations. 

But that's not all! Cheyenne is also an animal lover who brings the same passion and care to our furry friends.

Photo coming soon

Lindsay R.

I'm Lindsay, your go-to gal for keeping the gears turning smoothly behind the scenes. With a knack for organization and a passion for efficiency, I thrive on making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

When I'm not juggling schedules, coordinating meetings, or streamlining processes, you'll find me unwinding with a good book, exploring new hiking trails, or whipping up a storm in the kitchen. I believe in the power of a positive attitude and a strong cup of coffee to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

My journey here has been fueled by a love for helping others succeed and a curiosity for continuous learning. Whether I'm planning a company event or solving the latest puzzle that lands on my desk, I bring my A-game every day to support our amazing team.


Andrea M.

Andrea, if vital to our success, she not only keeps the techs in line, she manages customer interactions. She has the role of Customer Relationship Manager. And has background in customer relations for over 5 years.

Andrea is also learning the role of technician and doing a stellar job at it.  She has passions for all animals and crochet projects.

James Manos

James M.

James Manios is a regular jack of all trades, but he exceeds in sales. James M holds our Chief Technology Officer role.
He has 10+ years of sales/sales manager experience and has worked on several successful startups. One of his favorite things to do is help design custom gaming computers to fit a customers needs. He also has a strong love for playing tabletop games competitively, which help him with problem solving and critical thinking inside the workplace.

James Manios manages most of the in shop repairs, sales and inventory. He also is one of the primary custom gaming pc builders.

James B.

James B.

Then there is James B, The one that brought the team together at Cabala Consolidated. James has the role of Chief Executive Officer.

He served in the United States Marine Corps and was Honorably Discharged. James has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, over 10 IT certifications, and over 18 years in the IT field with networking, hardware, security small and large business experience. He previously owned another successful small computer business, and has been an ordained minister for over 5 years. James is a Reserve Deputy Sheriff. He is an assistant Shotokan karate instructor. One of his other hobbies is cars, being involved in a car club just under 20 years. He volunteers weekly with a Boy Scout Troop and rides Motorcycles too.

You may see James at various business around town as he manages most of the onsite projects. James also enjoys building custom pcs for clients and has been author on a lot of the tech blogs.  
Say hello when you see him!