Personal information is very important to protect and so is your business's information. The data available that has value is just as valuable for both categories, and the people who abuse the ability to get access into both are able to do so much with it. In 2021 the U.S. lost $6 trillion to hackers. That’s $18,022.61 per person in our country, you would definitely notice that missing from your account.
Being cautious with your information is as big of a deal as not sharing your banking information. We as Americans need to realize how serious this is and to be ready to commit to the changes we need to make. This large loss is a serious threat and could destroy a large portion of our financial industries. If we had an actual source of information that reflected a particular country or person in service of a group, we could see this as an act of war.
Please protect your information and if you don’t have the confidence, you are able to do it on your own, find someone who can help you get it done. The problem is out of control and getting worse, it's time for action and we need to do our part to protect ourselves.

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