The price point and performance in graphics cards is changing daily and with the recent release of AMD’s new graphics cards. We are seeing a lean on the NVIDIA 4000 series marketing that may push them to market heavily once the new AMD graphics cards have been out on the market for a bit. NVIDIA and AMD are always competing for market share and this new series is changing the price points once again after some recent windfalls for the customers of custom gaming PC outlets.

The graphics cards announcements being timed right after the crypto-currency changes and graphics card coding changes will bring a massive push towards gaming being the main focus. For us daily users and graphics enthusiasts our time is finally coming after the market has been way over-priced for so long.

As usual healthy competition and a fair market has presented a chance for the customers to benefit, and the companies that participate to make a great profit.

Technician assembling computer

The AMD 6950 is performing in the gap between the 3090 and the 3090ti. It's not trying to dominate that market with performance but bringing a fair value with a price point that doesn’t hurt the bank as badly as the NVIDIA has over the past 2 years.

The AMD 6650 is a lower mid-tier option but outperforms all of its counterparts DX-12 designed games (which includes all but one top tier games). The price point makes the 6650 a better buy in all regards than the RTX 3060, but not enough to just trash a RTX 3060 to upgrade.
If you're an AMD fan it’s a good time to buy and if you’re an NVIDIA fan it’s time to wait because the 4000 series is probably going to drop soon, and the 4090 is literally performing at 200% of the 3090. If you’re shopping please have fun and enjoy what you get, no matter what team you’re on, team red or green.