This week we have a guest author, Christina Hageny from Valor Payroll Solutions-

While a business may opt to use simple accounting software to process payroll, many companies choose to go with software that is more robust and functional. These systems can help make payroll very organized and extremely easy for a business, while maintaining the accuracy and timeliness that their employees expect. Many of these solutions are cloud-based, which means a lot of information can be stored and made easily accessible, without having to keep piles of paper and overstuffed file cabinets in the office. Some solutions also offer integration with timekeeping systems, so the payroll team isn’t spending valuable time reconciling paper timesheets every pay period. Having a cloud-based solution also means employees’ sensitive and private information is kept safe and secure from physical threats such as burglaries or natural disaster.

Laptop with padlock on the table

Some of the more sophisticated tools can integrate additional features such as electronic onboarding for new employees, leave management, and record retention. A business may choose to store personnel files electronically, which might include certifications awarded to employees, performance reviews, and other HR documentation. An integrated solution allows a company and their employees to access everything they need in a single location, meaning less passwords to remember, less confusion, and less time wasted. Self-service functions can also allow employees to access information to be retrieved at any time without submitting requests and waiting for a response from the HR or payroll department.

To read Christina's full write up check out her website - Valor Payroll Solutions