Project Tribute Foundation

We support Project Tribute Foundation , but you might have not heard of them yet? I know this isn’t a normal tech tip but we wanted to talk about a group we support.

From their website:
“We support our first responders by providing them life-saving training, equipment, tools, and support. In support of our mission, we will conduct fundraisers with 100% of the proceeds or donated equipment going to our first responders in the field. Nobody has received any funds from us. We only provide supplies or directly pay for training. Our volunteers are real unpaid volunteers.”

This is from a local news station:
“A Bartlesville man’s dream of getting life-saving equipment to first responders in Oklahoma is coming true. He created the Project Tribute Foundation last year and since then, they’ve raised $30,000 to help first responders save lives.

They’ve been focusing on giving tourniquets and other medical supplies to local agencies, who are already using that equipment to save lives. The founder said it’s just the beginning.”

We support Project Tribute Foundation and regularly volunteer with them. Contact us today at our webpage or contact them directly about volunteering!

The story :
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Visit them at :
Project Tribute Website
Project Tribute Facebook