Google an AI – a Superpower?!

Have you heard about Google using AI:
“Google’s latest update to its privacy policy will make it so that the company has free range to scrape the web for any content that can benefit building and improving its AI tools”
Major issues Girding the mass development of artificial intelligence are questions about sequestration, plagiarism, and whether AI can disband correct information.

Machine Literacy is a form of artificial intelligence grounded on algorithms that are trained on data. These algorithms can descry patterns and learn how to make prognostications and recommendations by recycling data and gests , rather than by entering unequivocal programming instruction. The algorithms also acclimatize in response to new data and gests to ameliorate their efficacity over time.

“One of the less obvious complications of the AI world is the question of where data-hungry chatbots sourced their information. Companies including Google and OpenAI scraped vast portions of the internet to fuel their robot habits. It’s not at all clear that this is legal”

As Always be vigilant on what you park on the internet, with your personal information. Security gets more important every day!

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