The cost and efficiency of outsourced I.T. support is the biggest concern people have when shopping. I.T. is meant to solve your problems as a business owner but having personnel on staff just for that isn’t reasonable in cost. Outsourced I.T. reliability and time to reply can be a factor that drives why someone decides to spend more for a more reliable service.
With any service, you get what you pay for, as long as you are doing quality control (QC). QC drives a small I.T. services company to meet a better standard but also drive the price up. The balance between quality and price is relative and business owners need to be mindful of what that means for their services budget for their company.

We at Cabala Consolidated regularly have to help consult with the price and quality for clients. A personalized and design I.T. plan for your company can make a large impact on the rest of your company. If you need help making these decisions please reach out and let us, at minimum, get you a free appraisal.

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