Streaming and Gaming Builds:

Gaming is becoming a way for people to do more than entertain themselves, some people get paid to entertain others while they game. The ability to stream video and have people join in the experience has evolved. The programs and equipment needed can be difficult to figure out and a good setup can make it much easier.

The gaming portion is up to you to get better at but the technology is here to make it easier. The quality of your content can be what you decide but the quality of your video isn’t as negotiable as the content. If you want people to watch your stream you need to have a viewable product. A good PC is not easy to make happen and a PC that can handle the load of doing both game and stream is even more difficult. Take time and decide if you want to use two systems to make a stream or if you want a singular PC that can handle both.

PC components for gaming build

If you are wanting a singular PC to do both you need to understand the equipment as a user and how that makes certain comforts not as easy to achieve. If you want a machine that can do both but want it to be cheap, you’re going to need to build your own or go to someone that doesn’t overcharge for the product. Understand that cheap is relative and don’t expect a god mode PC for less than a thousand dollars. On the flipside, you can get a moderate starter set up for about $800 but anticipate loading video after your session because that’s just the way to cookie crumbles.

The streamer PC world is growing and I look forward to the direction tech is going to make that more accessible to everyone. Enjoy your gaming experience and support your streamers you follow. They have worked hard and spent good money to make that content.