Starlink is a very quickly growing network and the ease-of-use equipment it comes with is making it one of the most available ways to get internet to places that would otherwise be unreasonable to put on a cabled internet. Starlink has grown so fast due to its ability to ignore boundaries by being available from space and allowing people to take their connection anywhere they go. Starlink is taking the internet to places where you can’t even get a cell phone reception, which also has a benefit to people’s safety in secluded places- And the service is great!
The Starlink equipment is easy to use and to set up with the software and applications available. If all of that is still too intimidating for you, there are people who are willing to do it for you professionally ( like us!). The dish itself isn’t very large or heavy and makes it easy to set up. The dish configures itself and finds the satellite connection for you. It’s so plug and play that you just need to read the paper it comes with and in a few easy steps you have the internet wherever you go. We highly suggest using a permanent mount for it so Oklahoma winds do not carry it away!

Technician climbing on a ladder