Cybercrime Continued:

Following a two- time disquisition, The Guardian this week published a harrowing exposé on Facebook and Instagram’s use as hunting grounds for child predators, numerous of whom business in children as sexual abuse victims for clout on the two social media services.

Despite the claims of the services’ parent company Meta that it’s nearly covering its services for child sexual abuse accoutrements or sexual trafficking, The Guardian set up terrible cases of children whose accounts were commandeered by merchandisers and used to announce them for sexual victimization.

One prosecutor who spoke to The Guardian said that he has seen child trafficking crimes increase. On social media increase by about 30 percent each time from 2019 to 2022. Most of the victims were as youthful as 11 or 12 times old, and more often were Black, Latinx, or LGBTQ. This still doesn’t count the unreported crimes.

Keep your child safe from social media cybercrime with these tips!

1️⃣ Set strong privacy settings

2️⃣ Educate them on phishing & scams

3️⃣ Encourage strong & unique passwords

4️⃣ Monitor their online activity

5️⃣ Discuss cyberbullying & report it

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