Cybercrime strikes a school

What happens when a academy system is targeted by a ransomware group? The school refuses to pay, and therefore gets their stolen data ditched noncommercial onto the dark web?
Well, it’s indeed worse than it sounds, as NBC’s Kevin Collier set up this week when he dug through portions of a trove of 200,000 lines blurted online after the Minneapolis public academy system was hit by hackers before this time.

The blurred lines include detailed dossiers linking children by name, birth date, and address to a laundry list of largely private information their special requirements, their cerebral biographies and behavioral analyses, their specifics, the results of intelligence tests, and which kiddies’ parents have disassociated, among numerous other sensitive secrets. Afterword, the lines indeed note which children are victims of contended abuse by academy preceptors or staff.

The hackers also took special pains to intimately promote their poisonous dump of children’s information. This contained links, posted to social media spots and a videotape showing off the lines and instructing observers how to download them. The Minneapolis academy system is offering free credit monitoring to parents and children affected by the data dump. Given the radioactive nature of the particular information released by the hackers, identity fraud may be the least of their victims’ worries.

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