What does dust do to a computer?

We use computers all day long, for fun and work. However, these machines are vulnerable to multiple factors that can cause them to malfunction. One of the most prominent factors out of them include dust. Let’s take a look at how dust can affect your computer, and how you can overcome such damage.

What is dust made out of?
Dust is a collection of small particles, which is made out of both organic and inorganic matter. Dust includes pollen, animal dander, skin cells, and many other components. Dust is commonly present in the air around us. On the other hand, dust can easily get accumulated on any surface as well.

How can dust affect your computer?
Dust can create a negative impact on your computer in numerous ways. Let’s take a quick look at the most prominent ways out of them.

It can clog the cooling system.
The cooling system of your computer is responsible for keeping temperatures down. With the accumulation of dust, your computer’s cooling system will get clogged. As a result, your computer will be subjected to overheating. You need to make sure that the cooling system of your computer is functioning properly so that it can prevent heat damage to the internal components. In other words, components that heat up in your computer such as the CPU and GPU can malfunction.

It can slow down your computer.
When the fans stop working because of dust, your computer will be subjected to overheating. This can eventually make your computer slow down. It might even lead your computer to freeze. Next, the temperature inside your computer is increased, and the processor will try to compensate for it by reducing performance. This can lead you to a frustrating experience while you are using the computer. In some instances, your computer might automatically shut down to prevent further damage.

It can cause electrical shorts:
Accumulation of dust within the motherboard can create electrical shorts. Such electrical shorts will eventually damage the motherboard. In such situations, you will have no other option to consider than replacing your motherboard.

How to keep your computer safe from dust?
Now you are aware of what dust can do to your computer. While keeping this in mind, it is important to prevent dust damage. The best thing you can do to prevent dust damage is to keep your computer away from sources of dust. If that is practically not possible, you may think about using an air purifier within the room you have your computer. It will help you with reducing the amount of dust in the air.

Make sure that you also clean the buildup of dust on your computer. This is where you will need to pay special attention to the fans. Last but not least, you need to invest your money to buy a good computer case, which provides good airflow. Then you can reduce the buildup of dust effectively.
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