Protecting your data!

The hackers in question can be some seriously nefarious people and try to stress you out into making a mistake. There are some basic ideas that hackers are pursuing that end with them making money. Denying access to not just your devices but your money is important and the best way to keep them from doing real damage. 

Cabala Consolidated can help prevent the, and we also have the tools to go in after the damage is done. This is one of the most common types of computer repair and we want to help!

Even though access to information is very important, stopping the hackers from using that against you keeps them from valuing the information. The true end result they seek, to make money and force their opinion on other countries, by threat or coercion. The ability to get money’s the motivation that we as individuals need to be the most mindful, no one would risk breaking the law if they have nothing to gain.

People who hack for money only seek a target when they know the reward is worth pursuing. If you are a hard target or have a lesser reward for hacking, they will tend to leave you alone.

All of that being said, this doesn’t mean to go into the world unprotected. A good antivirus and malware protection, paired with a good better practices’ method, will prevent even more. Stay vigilant with your information and money.

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