Intel Arc Pro and The Introduction to the Market

Anticipated by many people, the new kid on the block with graphics cards is not going to be the top performer but is adding options. The Arc Pro A-series looks to seek certifications with organizations that specialize with particular industries and isn’t having a good run with drivers for games. The professional industries may keep the graphics cards relevant but the gaming market will lend a larger demand and budget.

For the sake of Intel and its GPU market, I hope they figure out the gaps they need to fill to catch up with AMD and Nvidia. Competition is helpful to the market when the product improves and so does everyone’s experience.
We are looking forward to Intel’s improved models and the future of computer technology the public will have access to.

RTX 4090 Is Going to be Hot!

If temperature wasn’t a concern for any of the systems before the new 40-series is going to push that limit.

GeForce RTX 3060

The RTX 4090 is anticipated to use 800 watts in comparison to the 3090ti that uses 480 watts at max; that's an almost 200 percent jump.
Power supplies and fans are going to play a huge role in the next generation of gaming builds.
The use of a well-designed case and properly engineered secondary devices is going to be a focus for the non-casual PC builder. For the casual user, be ready to pay top end prices for top tier performance.