Does your insurance provider have a cyber security policy? If so, what do they cover in the event you need it? Some of these questions aren’t easily answered even by some of the people who sell insurance due to these services at a young age.

Data backup and recovery can be expensive if we aren’t being proactive with our computers and data. The information needs to be protected but it also may cost more from a legal standpoint if it isn’t. Certain industries, including medical information services and medical facilities, have a strict set of rules and obligations to follow to protect everyone’s information.
The ability to protect, save, or recover information is in growing demand and cyber security insurance can help pay for the expenses involved.
The policies and what they cover varies widely and can be used for your specific needs. When you shop for what your insurance providers offer be sure to compare each package they carry. If you have a requirement for these policies, make sure the policy that you are purchasing meets the needs of your legal obligation.

Cabala Consolidated staff

Cyber security insurance is a good tool and, in some cases, required to make sure you are protected. It’s similar to having auto insurance for a car you are using. Make sure that if something does happen, you’re able to take care of everything.