Video Games in 2023

It’s a good time to be a gamer and a fan of Esports. Previous game titles are getting a refreshing chance to make a new spin on something. Games have had a long time to evolve and develop the styles that are out here. Big-name tickets, and the technology used for Esports has grown so much. 

The evolution of graphics cards, processors, RAM, SSD, Liquid Cooling and many more parts and specialties; has changed so much faster in the past two years. The new NVIDIA 4000 series is the first series of graphics card to double its power in a single generation. That’s like skipping 1440p and going from 1080p to 4k resolution. For the layperson, the graphics cards are skipping a step and going right to the next step. If cars were to do that, we would already have self-driving cars for the majority of the public. The television industry has even seen the end results of the computer push in resolution and followed suit to make the next leaps in more dots per inch technology (DPI).

The Esports world is expanding to the point that even college courses and degrees are being shaped to it. If an industry is big enough to warrant a degree in it, it’s grown in respect and prestige enough to have a curriculum. Technology is shaping the demand for what will be a more creative process-oriented economy. Finding a way to make yourself money in this industry is more about how creative and inspiring you are. The more successful persons in this industry have charisma and the willingness to share their day to day with their fans. Esports isn’t just about the skill to play but the ability to connect with the fans and have fun.

Finding the games you like, whether on console or PC is fun and can take time. The reviews can be a bit much to wade through but if you’re into gaming it’s worth the adventure. Esports doesn’t just loan itself to console or PC but mobile as well. Mobile gaming is what it sounds like, it’s on mobile phones. This has a strong following in certain parts of Asia and is growing its market share in the west.

The technology needed for all this is growing with it and sometimes is inspired by it. If it wasn’t for the demands of the market and the evolution of tech the gaming industry would be based on the reinvention of the same old things. Gaming today looks nothing like it did in the past. We can look forward to so much more in the years to come.

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