Streamer Interview Series #3

Here we are starting a new portion of our blog, where we interview streamers. This one features TheMightyKiwiZ – Lets get right into our next streamer interview.

Streamer Interview Questions

How do you stay creative?
Well being dyslexic kind of helps but in all seriousness I look up stuff on YouTube for inspiration and or I go to my husband.

What are the some of the challenges you have experienced working in the gaming industry?
One is finding new games to play what is the new trending game this month. Then what does my community want to see me play and what will they enjoy but while also knowing what Ill enjoy as well cause nobody wants to see someone playing something they don’t enjoy.

How hard did you work to get where you are in streaming?
Well it was quite the journey one was figuring out a schedule that worked for me and then from there just finding what I was good at what was my content gonna be like all that so it was quite difficult in the beginning but once I found what content I wanted to make the rest is history.

What was your most challenging moment while streaming?
Well I would say finding myself what kind of streamer I wanted to be and finding my people my community.

How did you come up with your Twitch username/channel name?
well for starters I really like kiwi birds there so cute soft looking but I also wanted it to be an inspiring name to look at roll of the tongue so I started to play around with going like kiwibird no kiwitheadorable then I one day I was like what about TheMightyKiwiZ mighty cause I want to inspire others kiwi cause there a cute little bird and the Z part cause of where they come from New Zealand.

What was your most memorable gaming experience?
oh when my community recommended I play dead space series I never would have thought I would enjoy a horror game before till I play it and loved it so much we even have a sound alert of me screaming I need a babysitter because of that game series!

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