Streamer Interview Series 6 : Luvkit

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This streamer interview series 6,where we interview Luvkit. Lets get to it!

Who is your favorite video game character?

-I play a lot of Dead by Daylight and I love it when I go up against Mike Myers. I don’t know why, just something about it I feel like I’m in my element and the vibes shift. 

What’s your backstory and how did you get into streaming?

-I was a First time mom and went into a deep postpartum depression. I felt very lonely and I would become overly emotional. At the time my husband was in the army and I had a lot of responsibilities and no adult time. My escape was to play video games but it also got lonely. Husband told me about streaming and twitch and told me its a great way to meet people with the same interest in games. I didn’t expect it to last this long but I love doing it. 

Next , for the Streamer Interview Series 6: Tell us about your channel and community:

-I wanted my community to mean something. I wanted a place that no matter someone’s background, that they were accepted and appreciated. And I created just that! Not only did I want this for myself, but I also wanted it for others. We are a very outgoing free spirited group that just enjoy messing with people. We share lots of inside jokes and love for one another. So, we support each other to accomplish goals. My channel is a complete sh!t show. They troll me to the limit. No stream is ever the same. We talk on topics that are way left field. They call me mommy here and I’m not talking in a sexualized way.

If I hear about one of my Luvbugs being sick or having a bad day, I always try to help them. If it’s some pointers to help them feel better with an illness or a simple set of ears when they are going through a rough time. The stream is for us to play and goof off, but the behind the scenes is so much more than that. I create these bonds with my community. Twice a month I do an after party in my discord. We play party games and things get wild. At the end of the day, I don’t look at these people as my viewers, but the family I picked out for myself. I wouldn’t want it any other way then what it’s become today. 

What are your hobbies and interests?

-Outside of streaming and gaming, I love learning new things and doing some type of crafts. I am self taught in crochet to the point I was able to land in 3 stores in my local area. Also, I also enjoy filming. I make YouTube videos as a side hobby. Another thing, I love capturing milestones and achievements so I have those memories. Watching my kids grow on film is such a beautiful moment. My original channel has archive videos of my oldest son as a 2 year old and I catch myself looking back on those and just smiling. I am a family person. Playing with my kids or snuggled up watching a show with my husband are the best moments to have. I would love to travel more and experience the world around us. 

What are your strengths?

-I’m a very driven person. If I want something in life, I work my butt off to get it. I don’t take no for an answer. Having this type of mindset has definitely given me the upper hand to a lot of growth and possibility. 

How do you stay creative?

-Having ADHD has helped (lol) My mind never stops going. I also am always looking around for new concepts and ideas others are doing and create them to make them my own. I also have “streamer meetings” with like minded people and we bounce a lot of ideas off of each other. This has helped me a lot with how I will do future streams. 

What are some challenges you have experienced working in the gaming industry?

-Getting your name out, for sure. It’s not that people aren’t going to enjoy themselves in my presence, just trying to get them to a stream or to join my discord is the big challenge. 

How hard did you work to get where you are in streaming?

-I work 7 days a week on the behind the scenes. Also, I am either recording content for TikTok, YouTube etc. or I am doing a photoshoot for social media, reaching out to brands for job opportunities. And I never stop. On top of that, I’m on discord 24/7 connecting with my community. I stream 3 days a week. Posting on all social media min. of 7 times a week per platform. Being a twitch streamer or content creator is not for people who are lazy by any means. You have to put in the time and energy to see growth.   

An important question, in the streamer interview series 6 :What was your most challenging moment while streaming?

-A little over a year ago, I was hate raided. They exposed my address, was calling my phone and would create usernames with my information. Not giving up or shutting down my stream was a big challenge. Instead, The multiple communities that I am apart of showed up and spread the love like I have never felt before. They gave me that strength to not give up that I am making my mark. The thing is, when people do this to you, it’s not something you did, but more so a reflection of who they are. Shutting down a stream or never streaming again means you gave them the win. In gaming world we just don’t do that. I kept pushing on. 

How did you come up with your Twitch username/channel name?

-OMG the question I try to avoid. LOL. OK… how we go. I date two people in the past that gave me pet names. love bird and Sex kitten. When I created my username, It was Luvkit10, a little play on words. I knew the meaning and that’s it. But then when I got into streaming I forgot my password. So i dropped the 10 and we kept Luvkit. 

What was your most memorable gaming experience?

– April 2023, I did my first uncapped Sub-a-thon. I was like- Ok I’m going to stream for a minimal of 4 hours and if nothing happens whatever! 30 mins into the stream, someone dropped $450 and I was in pure shock. 30 mins later they dropped another $50. This brought my timer from 4 hours to 160 hours. I have to stream for over a week no breaks, slept on camera, woke up looking like a train wreck. By the end of it, I was on auto pilot. Seeing some people in it from start to finish with me was mind blown. 

What are some of your current goals?

-I set big goals and then I have mini goals that would lead up to my big goals. For starters, Twitch- I want to make partner. So, right now my current goal is to increase my viewership. Tiktok- I want to reach the requirements for the creator fund. YouTube- I want to reach partner. I do mini goals to these in hope to keep my mind focus on the things I want. 

If you could change one thing about any streaming platform, what would it be?

-Even though I stream on twitch, I would change the rules and make then black and white across the board regardless of status on the platform. Its not fair that someone people get away with things while others attempt to do the same and gets banned. Or when they really break the rules, its just a slap on the hand when in the rule book its a permanent ban. 

Do you enjoy streaming individually or more with a gaming group?

-I love gaming with others because I have social anxiety and sometimes I stop talking for a moment and don’t realize it. Having a group of people playing with me helps me through my attacks. Plus it adds to the content. 

What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever received from a viewer?

-That I am making a difference and I am aspiring for them. Having people look up to me is mind blown. I never thought that the first time I hit going live I would actually make an impact on people. That I have became an escape from life struggles. I have helped people get through really hard times. All of this just blows my mind that one choice I made 7 years ago, made this much of a difference. 

How do you balance streaming and your day-to-day life?

– You don’t. I am forever breaking away from family time to work time and vice versa. But every night I am not streaming I try to eat dinner and not touch my computer so I can spend time with me family.  

Lastly, for streamer interview series 6, In your opinion What is the best way for a new streamer to get started?

-Learn to network. Be a viewer before a streamer. Learn the ends and outs of the software, presentation, your presence, finding you in front of the camera. What you set for your stream, it will be. Be OK with losing a viewer if they are toxic so more potential viewers can get to know you. When you create a toxic atmosphere or an annoying one, less people are going to be there for the right reasons. Remember! YOU SET THE TONE OF YOUR STREAM. You decided what is ok and what isn’t ok.  

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