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The first Question in our Streamer Interview: Who is your favorite video game character?

Tali from mass effect series, the mass effect series was the best for storyline progression. It was the first time that I had ever cried about a character dying. I had a not so perfect playthrough and my Tali died. There was a box of tissues on the coffee table and after that there were no more tissues. 

What’s your backstory and how did you get into streaming?

I lost my job during Covid, I worked at an airport and I never thought I would lose my job until covid came. I was angry that I had not lost one job but two to forces outside my control. Because I lost my job in 2009 due to the global economic crisis. So I tried to make sources of income for myself that no one could take away. When I came back to streaming, the landscape had changed. I had done streaming before but not for long, over on YouTube, Gone was YouTube gaming and so I spent time re streaming with not a lot of success and I had signed up for mixer (that didn’t take too long to implode). I finally moved over to my home on Twitch

Tell us about your channel and community:

 My channel is mostly doing random things. For Example today I learned how to tune my guitar with the help of chat and versed them in chess. I feel, if I can show people good habits and create a bit that other people go after their dreams and goals. Because they see me attempting to do something it’s good enough. We do play games that are community orientated or chill like Stardew Valley and Sea of Thieves. There’s also yoga and meditation.
My community is people drawn into the idea of a discussion. We have a lot of people that have different interests and hobbies and that always comes through in the chat. I try to be always warm since I know a lot of times people are coming in after a hard day and it’s always nice to know that a streamer cares about you.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Too many, do you have time? I have loved to paint and draw ever since I was little. I couldn’t wait to get a piece of paper and pencil in my hands. Dancing, I dance salsa, I haven’t been in a while I might be a little rusty. I love reading and have read quite a large range of books, if I’m burned out I move over from non fiction. The book that I’m currently reading is called ‘The third door’ by Alex Banayan. I’ve been reading it to stream, the author is studying successful people and how they have engineered the way to get into the field they are in. I have a small garden that’s paved but that doesn’t stop me growing things, this season I have had strawberries and tomatoes as well as herbs and roses. I also offer tarot readings in my spare time and have built up a little bit of a following doing this. 

What are your strengths?

Talking to people is one for sure. Tenacity, just being too stubborn to quit, this doesn’t always go well but at least I would count it as a strength. My desire to learn anything and everything, it turns things that might feel mundane to most into a fact finding mission for me. 

The next streamer interview question is: How do you stay creative?

That is always hard, there is always the thought of burn out looming behind you ready to wipe you out any second. I would suggest the ‘Artist’s way’ by Julia Cameron. It’s a book separated into 12 chapters as you are supposed to do creative exercises per week, it steps people through getting in touch with their creativity again. There is one exercise called morning pages from the book, where you write down three pages of whatever comes to you. This puts you in a purge of whatever is building up inside you. Putting in the perspective that we live on a small marble in space and that most of the things you worry about don’t really matter in the scheme of things.  Then walks, hopefully every single day. 

What are some challenges you have experienced working in the gaming industry?

I worked in QA for quite a while, for four months to be exact before the whole company closed to the financial crisis like all of the other studios in Australia and I was left with the broken dreams of being an aspiring animator (that’s what I studied after I left school). It is a very weird thing to work in the games industry since it’s mostly male, not that I didn’t get treated extra well by all the men. There was one guy that used to have women in bikinis on his wallpaper though in a professional environment hahaha. I wouldn’t say my that streaming now is working in the games industry, I think some people would disagree with me/

How hard did you work to get where you are in streaming?

It was hard to start off there is not a lot of traction with streaming you either get somewhere of your own mettle or not. I have suffered burnout twice in the last 12 months. It’s been quite hard to bounce back from. I’m very lucky and very grateful I have a loving and supportive partner that has helped me with looking after most of the bills so I’m not as hungry as some other streamers out there. It is always hard to come back, you lose viewership every time you burn out or you decide to change what you are offering on stream. 

What was your most challenging moment while streaming?

At the moment, I have chosen the impossible task to stream continuously until 1000 concurrent viewers, then the stream is terminated straight away or my computer dies. This is day four on six hours of sleep and my voice is definitely raspier. Why have I done this? because if I do then it will show others that it’s possible you don’t need to be a big streamer in the 0.1% of twitch to be in the same league. Roger bannister is famous for winning the 4 minute mile when everyone said it was impossible to achieve and in a month everyone else was doing it, that’s why it’s important to me.  

Our favorite streamer interview question: How did you come up with your Twitch username/channel name?

Casper is my very first nickname, I made friends with a girl that used to call me that all the time she said it was because I was very happy. Until one day I found that she excluded me when her other friends were around. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I thought well this is my nickname she gave it to me so I chose to keep it with pride. Still today I am a happy and smiley person so I think the nickname suits me. GG is self explanatory.  

What was your most memorable gaming experience?

The time I went to a LAN I borrowed my friend’s laptop and we were playing cod. I had signed up as Casper, I sat in a window with a sniper rifle and got a clean headshot. Someone stood up ripped their headphones off and said ‘who the fxxxk is Casper,. I stayed quiet but it was really satisfying to watch and then for the rest of the game. Then I got ganked so I decided to go to sleep with my head on the table. In the morning I took the train almost straight to work, because I had drunk four redbulls in one sitting. I was completely dehydrated and my colleagues at work thought I had had a night on the piss hahaha. 

What are some of your current goals?

It might sound a little woo woo but I’m trying to manifest my perfect life and I’m documenting it over on YouTube. Most of this centres on the idea of visualizing where you are in the future as if it’s already here. It relieves the pressure of worrying that you are not going to get it and puts you more in an action frame of mind about what you want. I wouldn’t be doing this current streaming challenge without it.. This would mean that if all of this comes true, have a house, a corgi and be at twitch con or booked tickets in 6 months as a twitch partner.  

If you could change one thing about any streaming platform, what would it be?

If I could change one thing, it would be that you socialize mostly with Twitch. You have to go off platform on Twitch. Discord is such a big thing is because there’s not as many options to interact. Although that feels funny to say but if you look at the bigger streamers on the platform the chat is basically spammed emotes.  

Do you enjoy streaming individually or more with a gaming group?

I tend to play a lot of solo games but I’m switching to more of an open gaming style. Which includes the community more in overall decisions and lets them participate in things. I don’t normally play with other streamers. I think that would be fun but I really haven’t reached out to anyone really to do that with me. Also would love to start or participate in a DND group here on twitch. I think, for me, the binge gaming teams almost feel scary. I don’t know if they would let me in as a casual gamer lol .  

Next Streamer Interview Question: What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever received from a viewer?

No one thing comes to mind so I’d rather give some advice than leave this blank.  I always ask for feedback so it’s always great when someone responds in chat. Most of the time viewers want to be nice to you and they are afraid to be mean. You shouldn’t you getting defensive so make sure that you aren’t angry with them if you asked. Chat has helped me out with camera issues, mic issues and readjusting things. Most of the time don’t just follow a tutorial blindly since every camera is different and every mic is different where you put your lights are important and so on.  

How do you balance streaming and your day-to-day life?

I don’t at the moment, I used to take the weekend off but do realize if you do that your streams will be smaller. There is a feeling that if you really want something then you should go for it. Another book recommendation would be ‘Be obsessed or be average’ by Grant Cardone. For some that might find reading hard you can find summaries of some of these books or get an audiobook if you wish. It will change when I have kids and me and my partner are moving countries next year so this will mean that I will have to figure out what that does to my streaming schedule in the future. At the moment I ask for help on the tasks I’m not going to get done. Also carve out time to spend talking to my partner, but it’s nice to not worry too much. I mean, about the balance since if you think too hard you might think you are doing it wrong.  

In your opinion What is the best way for a new streamer to get started?

First, Get started, you are going to talk yourself into doing it. Next you might watch a video and then talk yourself out of it. Just download OBS, it’s free, sign up for either Twitch or YouTube and then start streaming. You will suck at first, you will be trying to jam all the bells and whistles on your stream. This is because you think pretty flashy lights will attract viewers like moths. Buying the top of the grade equipment only helps if you know how to use it. So it might be better to start with a usb mic and a Logitech webcam. Always engage people as soon as they come in. Make sure that you are happy to see them and even better if you remember little things about them. You don’t need to be the best gamer! You will need to have the confidence to keep on trying when you fail. 

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