With this year being as jam packed with online shopping as last year because of COVID. There are many things you might be shopping for but end up buying something else that might not be intended. As in when you are making a purchase online....

If you're worried about a site, start your due diligence. The Better Business Bureau has an online guide and scam tracker. Google is full of retailer reviews. Put orders in a hold, before you write down your credit card number. Double check the vendor or website!
There's a reason non-delivery/non-payment is the most common complaint about cybercrime: It hurts when it happens, both financially and emotionally.

ALWAYS: Make sure that the website is secure because your information is being put on the internet. If it’s not a trusted site, or the brand site that you are wanting to buy from. You might be just buying something for someone else and won’t know it till it’s too late.

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Microsoft will never call you and offer support. DO NOT PAY ANYONE WITH GIFTCARDS.

This time of year is when this kind of fraud starts to pick up.

Being safe on the internet during this holiday season should be very important for everyone. Any Questions? Contact us today!