If you have to tell your customers to check their spam box, there are multiple ways to identify yourself to the internet mailman, and protect your email and be verified.
Do you have a dot com (or other form) or otherwise known as a  personalized domain?  Ours is www.cabalaconsolidated.com  - Have you ever looked into seeing why some of your mail is going into people's spam boxes automatically- basically it's because your email / domain lacks proper verification.

Without this, the nefarious bad guys can send email easily and make it look like it is from your domain. There are a few options to fix this, and they are all about upgrading your domain's security. Each one is a different type of verification into the DNS ( domain naming system ) at the most basic level.   Don't know what the DNS is? Well,  one way to think of it, is the mailman. The DNS tells things where to go based on the addresses on the internet. If you don't have an address, it's very hard for the mailman to find you!

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Now if you have a custom domain already. (www.cabalaconsolidated.com) that is one way to help the mailman find you, but you could basically write any return address on a piece of mail, and that would show it was from any person or address you wanted. Which is basically what some of the spammers of the internet do. So if you go to the mailman and verify who you are and they put a certified stamp ro other form of tracking on the outgoing mail. You have done a security improvement on your mail. We can show you how to do that on your domain if you have access.

Contact us today and we can help you set up different types of verification, or we can even just manage your hosting of your website.