Cyber Security is very important in this day and time. With so many people working remotely in the current world Cybersecurity has never been more important.

Here is a few key things to think about when you setup a password, don't use words! (Ilovemom is a bad password!) not only is it easy to guess, it is easier for the bad guys to get your data, by setting a computer up to guess your password until it figures it out. Add numbers, special characters . DO NOT put them on your desktop, do not put them on a notepad near your computer. If you have a safe to put them in that is a different story, but if someone somehow got access to your desk, would they have access to your personal and financial information? Do use antivirus AND Malware protection. ( If you need help this is a service we provide and its automated- let us do the hard work here!)

Man on ground taking picture of PC

Another thing we run across these days in the shop: Physical security breaches. Not just someone plugging into your network. What do you do if you find a USB drive, that you don't recognize- Please don't plug it in, it could be a criminals dream for you to just plug that in. It may not look like its doing anything but it could be infecting files in the background or even just allowing a hacker remote access. This becoming more and more common these days. For more tips look here soon we are just starting this and will be adding more content often!