Heat in a computer is going to happen, especially when we are doing things on it that need to use power. The computer is designed to radiate the heat through heat vents and plates made to do just that. We as computer users need to be aware that the computer’s plates, fans, openings, and everything involved need to be kept clean. Yes, even the components that are on the inside of the machine. If your machine isn’t performing well and it's dusty or dirty, a good cleaning can make a difference.
High temperatures cause what’s referred to as thermal throttling and will make a system run extremely slow for the sake of self-preservation. The systems are designed to operate in a safe way foremost and will do many things that can frustrate the user due to poor maintenance. The time you spend on maintenance and upkeep of your system is time well spent.
Making maintenance a point of pride and learning to enjoy it can make it easier to do.