A Computer shop that is appointment only?

I have been to stores during their scheduled open hours and been disappointed to find them closed with nothing posted and no answer to the phone. I know it can be frustrating and it’s something we don’t want for our customers.

Appointment only is a point of contention with some people, but when it comes to providing a service in and out of the office it’s been critical. Through trial and error our office has had some lessons we wish we didn’t have, but they played a role in how we have evolved

We provide on-site services and at times may not be at the shop and want to provide everyone the services they deserve. The customer’s time is just as important as ours and we understand how frustrating it can be showing up somewhere and they don’t have time for you or aren’t there. We also use the appointment schedule to manage time. We see sometimes as many 60 clients a day, still being able to manage many area business computers and networks. We look at the appointment system like when you go to the doctor. If your time is managed before you show up, we can shorten your wait and give you the time you are scheduled.

To double the benefit we don’t charge for our assessment so you can get a free assessment at no risk to you. It’s a great way to save money and a chance for us to find the reason your computer or network is having issues. We take our time with the assessment and allow you the chance to make the decision of repairing or not. This again is unusual and we take pride in providing a great service at a reasonable price and look forward to helping with the savings.

When scheduling overlaps, we have to have people go to different jobs, and sometimes tackle the same task. The appointments allow us to know where these pieces are going, and need to be. We aren’t trying to put the customer or ourselves in a bad spot or waste either of our time, sometimes if needed, we have made some very time-consuming decisions for our regular clients. If a client that has a contract with us needs emergency help, we will reach out to someone on the schedule to let them know of any concerns for time change or reschedule. This may require adjustments on everyone’s part but we pride ourselves on time management. We have ways to set appointments online and over the phone. If it’s after hours you can set appointments through our website. The online appointments are a request and we will reply to you as soon as we can, please understand the spot may be open but we also need to allow for travel time to appointments. If we need a different time, we will reach out before approving your time. If there isn’t any conflict you will receive a confirmation.

The customer is our focus. We appreciate your time and look forward to helping everyone. Please understand our appointment system is our way of respecting everyone we see and can’t wait to provide you the service you deserve.