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How Are Computer Parts Prices Affecting You?

October 26, 2022

Making a decision on when to buy a computer and what to buy can seem easy to the layperson, but a lot goes into it. The prices have lately dropped and for the consumer this is a great thing but to the investors of companies this is a problem. There are many different perspectives and…

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Large video card for computer

Intel ARC vs RTX 4090 Coming Soon!

August 16, 2022

Intel Arc Pro and The Introduction to the Market Anticipated by many people, the new kid on the block with graphics cards is not going to be the top performer but is adding options. The Arc Pro A-series looks to seek certifications with organizations that specialize with particular industries and isn’t having a good run…

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Close-up and inside high performance Desktop PC

AMD Will be Launching 7000 Series

July 18, 2022

Later in 2022 AMD will be releasing its 7000 series 5 nm ‘Zen4’ architecture, which anticipates high-performance computing for all users. The new series will boast a 5.5GHz speed that was presented and demoed during a recent event. The release for public usable DDR5 and PCI Express 5.0 is being a possible focus for the…

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Computer technician installs cooling system of computer

Computer & Heat

July 6, 2022

Heat in a computer is going to happen, especially when we are doing things on it that need to use power. The computer is designed to radiate the heat through heat vents and plates made to do just that. We as computer users need to be aware that the computer’s plates, fans, openings, and everything…

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Online streamer playing FPS shooter game at home

Gaming PC Streamer Builds

May 19, 2022

Streaming and Gaming Builds: Gaming is becoming a way for people to do more than entertain themselves, some people get paid to entertain others while they game. The ability to stream video and have people join in the experience has evolved. The programs and equipment needed can be difficult to figure out and a good…

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Technician repair assembles computer at home

AMD Releases 6650, 6750, and 6950

May 12, 2022

The price point and performance in graphics cards is changing daily and with the recent release of AMD’s new graphics cards. We are seeing a lean on the NVIDIA 4000 series marketing that may push them to market heavily once the new AMD graphics cards have been out on the market for a bit. NVIDIA…

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Businessman pressing virtual button in quantum computing

Intel’s Hunt for the Next Step in Quantum Computing

April 18, 2022

Intel has been researching quantum computing since at least 1995. Intel recruited Dr. Janette Roberts to take their knowledge of quantum computing to the next level. She is a scientist that enjoys the adventure of quantum mechanics but also loves hobbies ranging from rock climbing to scuba-diving. She is working with Dr. David Awschalom who…

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Installing a video card on the motherboard

Graphics Cards Anticipated to Get Cheaper

April 6, 2022

As of the past few years the graphics card (GPU) market has been very volatile and drive by a large demand for crypto-currencies. The block chain code used to produce these “flexible” coded crypto-currencies. For those that wish to produce the currency, the graphics card was needed to use its ability to hash the code…

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Computer glowing Blue

When does Microsoft call you?

October 26, 2021

Have you ever received a phone call asking for personal and/or financial information claiming to be from Microsoft? Its pretty likely in this day and time that you have, because so many of these are happening across the world! The reason they keep happening and finding new ways to check on “your cars extended warranty”…

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Windows 11

Windows 11

October 20, 2021

As of October 5, Windows 11 is officially here. Good or bad, it is here. You may be asking yourself should you upgrade from Windows 10? Will my PC be able to run it? Let’s check out some of the requirements to upgrade your machine to Windows 11. Looking on Microsoft’s official website we can…

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